The thin twenty

The green-eyed monster, a pack of lies and a big pike, by Garrett Fallon I was getting frustrated with all the talk of twenties. We’d been fishing the lake and its bays and inlets for three days, swapping between hunting lake trout and plugging for pike, but we hadn’t caught or […]

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Friday’s Allan’s Fangler (FAF): October, the Cold War, and the art of the acronym

A fish-eating bird – that eats fish….? The more astute among you will have noticed that Fishpool failed to round-up September’s tales of watery whim. Unfortunately, there are one or two skeletons in Fishpool’s closet (both cartilaginous and non-cartilaginous) and somebody seems to have left the door ajar. Suffice to […]

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A birthday on the Thames

Photography and words by Matt Minter What do you get for a man who, at the great age of 80 years, has all the material things accumulated from a life well lived? A day’s autumnal angling seemed just the ticket, so along the banks of the nation’s river—old father Thames just […]

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