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Parr’s Diary – March 2018 – Widening Stripes

I dug out the lawnmower at the weekend, lifted the blade as high as it would go, and lurched it around the garden. After an hour of hacking, there was a vague improvement, but the mower wasn’t happy and the cuttings were clinging to the mechanism like limpets on a rock. The problem came not […]


A Wandle barbel at season’s end

“Tramp” said her eyes, sunk into an intolerant, pityless look that contorted her face. “Weirdo” said the face of another, while hastily averting his glance less I ask him for any spare change. “Fisherman” said the welcome smile of a third. She knew her onions, recognised the rod as a tool (not a weapon), recognised […]

    Fallon's Angler Issue 12

    Fallon's Angler returns to Lough Corrib Also including five new contributors: Simon Tarpey, John Langridge, Tony Carmody, Trevor Harrop and David West Beale, as well as Tom Fort, Carlos Baz, Jack Perks, Chris Yates, John Andrews, Bruno Vincent, Kevin Parr, Dexter Petley, Dominic Garnett, Nick Fallowfield-Cooper, Garrett Fallon and the General. FREE SHIPPING within the UK

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