Parr’s Diary – A Change of Season?

    I rather limped to the end of my coarse fishing season. The rains swelled the rivers (I didn’t fish the Dorset Stour once all season) and the late-winter perch bonanza failed to materialise. There were a couple of finned flurries from the lake I had been visiting throughout the winter. Matt managed a […]

SLIDER - Forgotten Lake

NEW FILM – Forgotten Lake

      Garrett Fallon explores the fishing potential of a long forgotten lake. There are rumours and myths, and tales of predation – but what can Garrett discover over the course of a couple of increasingly stormy, winter days…..

    Fallon's Angler Issue 15

    Fallon's Angler 15

    MAD DOGS AND FISHERMAN. Through hell or high water.

    Malcolm Anderson fishes through the frost, Will Millard remembers his angling heroes, Chris Yates reveals his darkest secret, Dominic Garnett fights foul weather, Michelle Werrett loves the River Exe,  Jim Burns chases big trout at night on The Au Sable, and other writing from Kathleen Jamie, John Langridge, Bruno Vincent, Carloz Baz, Graham Vasey, Dexter Petley, John Andrews, The General, Kevin Parr, Garrett Fallon…

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