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Fallon’s Angler is a PRINT ONLY* fishing magazine that celebrates the telling of the angling story through original, long-form writing with a strong, narrative and visual feel, and avoids the incessant barrage of tackle and tactics. Covering subjects from coarse, game and sea, it’s all down to the skill of the writer to convey the magic of angling.

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  • A life on the Lea
    Garrett Fallon meets Bob Hornegold, chairman of the Osprey Specimen Group A thick mist clings to Epping Forest, oozing from the ground like smoke from a burrow, badger bonfires blocking out the world. It obscures all, revealing light only at the very last moment: dodging cars on sharp bends, clenched teeth and arse cheeks desperately …

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  • NEW FILM – ‘Ashmead’
    Garrett Fallon travels to the renowned Ashmead Fishery tucked deep into the Somerset Levels. There, in the company of good friends and enormous carp, he ponders the methods and lifestyle choices that have influenced his angling, and whether he might benefit from looking at the water through fresh eyes….
  • Podcast: Ramble on, episode 7: a Dorset Tench with Kevin Parr
    Join Kevin Parr on a warm summer’s evening as he seeks out a tench from a lake deep in the Dorset hills, with a surprise capture or two. Fallon’s Angler · Ramble On Episode 7: A Dorset Tench with Kevin Parr