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Back in the dreamy days of childhood, Fishpool recalls a family holiday in South Devon, pushing a shrimp net between the rocks on a flooding tide, and lifting it triumphantly as a great big prawn flicked about inside. It didn’t make much of a meal – in fact, it provided barely a mouthful, but that […]

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Eh by gum!

There are few techniques as exciting as sight fishing. Whether you are dapping grasshoppers, casting a dry fly, or fishing slow-sinking breadflake for mullet, the anticipation sends a tingle up your nose. Chub can often be targeted with such methods, but their natural wariness can make it tricky to detect bites. They will often pick up […]

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In a former guise, Fishpool spent a fair bit of time touring the country and sampling the delights of roadside snack vans. His favourite, and there was a lot of competition, was tucked away on an Industrial Estate in Stockport. The menu, rather like that well known Monty Python sketch, was extensive – as long […]

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