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Parr’s Diary: July 2016

July is normally a good month for an angler. The rivers aren’t always at their best, with low water levels and bright sunshine, while many of the fish remain more interested in one another than they are in eating. The long days give us plenty of time though, and sultry summer evenings can offer some […]

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Peter Rolfe

As the crucian (see Fish we Like) evokes memories of first casts in small, overgrown pools, so the name Peter Rolfe becomes ever more synonymous with it. He is a reluctant ‘expert’, but anyone with such a deep affection and understanding of a species cannot deny the association. A retired schoolmaster, Peter’s interest in freshwater […]

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The crucian (Carassius carassius) is an oft overlooked species. Falsely labelled by many as a carp, this fish of still and slow moving lowland waterways is actually a species in its own right. Sadly, a tendency to hybridise with goldfish and common carp have led to a massive dilution of population, and true crucians are […]

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