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NEW FILM – From the Gloaming

From the Gloaming – Fishing the Test for dace, roach and perch For our latest film, we join Kev Parr on the banks of the River Test on a dank, grey late-autumn day, as he fishes for dace, roach and perch. Created by Nick Fallowfield-Cooper, the film offers a lyrical look at a landscape that […]

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Parrs Diary – February 2017

I’m not entirely sure where February went. One moment January was dragging its feet and a couple of blinks later the blackbirds are singing and March is upon us. The thin end of the coarse season always seems to rattle by, but I did manage to make it out three times over the past month, […]

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve always meant a midday finish, and though there were a few loose ends to tie, the bulk of the morning would be spent nattering and clockwatching. I’d turn my computer on, and probably check my emails, but even my games of solitaire would be half hearted. In years past I would have clocked […]

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A first trip to the Test

The River Test perks the ear of any angler. My late father would often talk about it in exalted tones, referring to its glorious brown trout. In later years, I learned of its grayling, and as my circle of angling interests widened, its big roach and dace. To have the chance to fish it was […]

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Twin piques

I have twin seven year old nephews, Tom and Fred. They are energetic dynamos, indefatigable creatures of havoc, as entertaining with their ludicrous antics as their devilish double act is testing to the patience of the most tolerant of adults. A day with the prankish pair requires deep reserves of many attributes, most of which […]

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