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Fishpool was in a glorious state of reminisce earlier in the week – and was suddenly struck by the mental image of a drumming great-white shark. For anyone else who may have forgotten, The Neptunes are a band from the future. Purveyors of ‘rock’ music, they are a five-piece, made up of teenagers Biff (guitars), […]

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Fishpool read a fascinating book last year by forager extraordinaire John Wright. Entitled, The Naming of the Shrew, Wright leads us through the subject of taxonomy. Why and how things living were and still are classified. It was a mighty good read, and led Fishpool to ponder the naming of some of our oft-caught fish […]

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Matt Hayes

Anyone who is a regular viewer of fishing programmes on the satellite channels will know Matt Hayes almost as well as they know themselves. Having appeared in over 200 television programmes, Matt has recently become a familiar face on terrestrial television too – acting as a judge on BBC2’s Earth’s Wildest Waters – The Big […]

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Charles Rangeley-Wilson

Formerly a teacher, Charles Rangeley-Wilson’s love of travel, fishing and writing inevitably converged with the publication in 2004 of Somewhere Else. He has since written extensively, and contributes to Gray’s Sporting Journal and is Angling Correspondent to The Field, though he is familiar to many as The Accidental Angler. Rangeley-Wilson is a keen conservationist, with […]

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Chris Sandford

Who could forget those wonderful moments in the Passion for Angling series? Quotes from the likes of Sheringham and Ted Hughes read so perfectly by the silky-voiced Chris Sandford. Sandford spent many years as an actor before realising that his voice was his meal ticket. Stage performances and a two year stint on Coronation Street […]

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Based upon Peter Benchleys’s 1974 novel of the same name, Jaws celebrates its fortieth birthday this year. Winning three Academy Awards, the film was an enormous success, but despite being commercially and critically acclaimed, the depiction of the great white shark as a man-eating monster has not helped the species’ true identity. Director Steven Spielberg […]

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Jack Hargreaves

Though his family roots were in Yorkshire, Jack Hargreaves was born and raised further south, near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. An interest in radio led to him building a reputation in the world of broadcasting, and in the Second World War he was recruited to the staff of General Montgomery—charged to set up radio communication between […]

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