River Habitats for Coarse Fish by Mark Everard

(Old Pond Publishing, 2015) By Theo Pike In these days when all the funky river menders are talking about catchment-scale processes, natural flood management, and even rewilding with beavers, it’s feeling rather rare to find a book that’s just about fish. More to the point, it’s even rarer to find a book that’s just about coarse fish… and that’s exactly the point of this one. Since the US publication of Robert Hunt’s Trout Stream Therapy (1993), followed by the Wild Trout Trust’s Guide to Improving Trout Streams (2002) and two editions of The Wild Trout Survival Guide (2006 and 2012), most […]

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Friday’s Allan’s Fangler (FAF): August 2016 (even more-even more belatedly)

Kissing with Confidence Barbless hooks, keepnets, unhooking mats, net dips, boilies, nuts, cancerous maggot dyes, night fishing, multiple rod use, braid, bent hook rigs, gaffs, knotted net meshes, floating poles, fixed leads and leads that drop off, bolt rigs, spears, harpoons, hand grenades……….we’ve argued them all to death, but a recent Angler’s Mail focussed on an even bigger issue. Fish kissing – is it dangerous? Freshwater biologist Ian Welch tackled the matter and essentially answered, ‘no – not really’. There is a possibility of the fish passing on aquatic bacteria to the fisherman, while a pair of puckered lips might remove […]

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Outfoxed by the inbetweeners

“Bring your coarse fishing gear!” read the text message. Three hours later Rick arrived, caught late on that devourer of Bank Holiday time, the A21, with wife, three children and sizeable dog in tow. They were visiting our little coastal bolt hole for the afternoon. I myself was visiting it for the weekend so that I might actually see my family who had left London behind for what seemed like the whole summer while I toiled away in a sweaty office where the roaring heat outside had pushed the air conditioning into retirement and pushed the tempers of those working inside […]

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Parr’s Diary – August 2016

Were I not to be reflecting upon the past month then I might not have realised how long it is since I cast a line. In fact, now that I stop and consider the fact, it seems I have spent fewer hours fishing since the opening day of the season than I did on the day itself. August has rattled by and not only has it been completely dry (not alcoholically I should confess), I have barely given fishing a thought. There have been other diversions, of course. Work and money are continually irritating restrictions, while Olympic success, a tight Test […]

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Friday’s Allan’s Fangler (FAF): July 2016 (even more belatedly)

I’ll have a Becks with that… The Beckham family went to Iceland this month—presumably to stock up on frozen food before their holiday, which was, coincidentally, to Iceland. They published a few holiday snaps, and while most of the world was obsessing about a picture of Victoria kissing daughter Harper ON THE LIPS, some of us were nodding in appreciation of David showing off a salmon he had (presumably) caught. It was a nice fish—not huge, but fresh and silvery. And Goldenballs looked the part too, cutting a dash in chest waders, matching woollens and a cravat. Mind you, Becks would […]

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