Parr’s Diary – September 2018 – Equinox

The autumn equinox is one of the loveliest times of the year, with soft days sandwiched between dew-drenched mornings and slow pink sunsets. Yet there is also a curious sense of poignancy, stirred by the end of summer, with a shift from light to dark and the quiet of the air. The fishing though, can […]


NEW FILM: Solent Hounds, the dogs of war

  To coincide with the publishing of issue 13, Fallon’s Angler (with the help of Adam Wells and Ollie Johnson) seeks smooth hound on the solent, and finds the landscape and its history just as absorbing as the sea. A film by Nick Fallowfield-Cooper. To read more about the story, buy issue 13 of Fallon’s […]

    Fallon's Angler Issue 13

    Fallon's Angler 13 Going wild for Scottish sea trout, by Graham Vasey Also featuring the Glass Aisle by Paul Henry, and other contributors including Tom Fort, Carlos Baz, Bob Hornegold, Andrew Griffiths, Nigel Ling, Wayne Thomas, Jack Perks, Chris Yates, John Andrews, Bruno Vincent, Kevin Parr, Dexter Petley, Dominic Garnett, Nick Fallowfield-Cooper, Garrett Fallon, the General and others. FREE SHIPPING within the UK

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