Tale of two rivers, issue 8

To coincide with the launch of Fallon’s Angler issue eight, photographer Nick Fallowfield-Cooper caught a glimpse of the contrasting worlds of Paul and Tim, two lifetime Norfolk anglers who fish rivers of a very different nature, The Great Ouse and the Wensum. Written by editor Garrett Fallon, the story unfolds in the new issue, now available along with other stories from CBTR regulars John Andrews, Chris Yates and Kevin Parr. Go to to order for £8.00 including UK postage. To exit the site and watch within Vimeo, go to:

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Of a certain vintage: drop shotting with split cane

I have long entertained a penchant for old fishing tackle. Collecting it was a hobby of my late father’s, though as a determined wordsmith, he was mainly interested in rare fishing books. Nevertheless, his office was stuffed with all manner of angling ephemera, mostly gathered from house auctions that proliferated the Irish midlands in those pre-internet days.  I particularly remember his joy at discovering a rare Hardy fly reel that he subsequently resold for £1000, and that in the 1980s. His wine collection grew suddenly in quality, an enjoyable but temporary state of affairs. Old fishing tackle has always held a […]

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Friday’s Allan’s Fangler (FAF): October 2016 (not hugely late, considering)

The same old record…. So the carp record has been broken again, with the same great fish that flopped into the headlines last month. At time of writing (and there is every likelihood that it will have been caught again by the time that this is read) ‘Big-Rig’ had reached 71lb and some ounces. I think… If Fishpool were more professional (in truth he can’t be bothered to even find a link to the story) then he would look up the details, but he, rather like many anglers, is slightly indifferent to the news. Once upon a time the British record […]

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Parr’s Diary – October 2016

I have always had a peculiar relationship with the Dorset Stour. A couple of visits as a child and teenager offered me a river full of mystery and intrigue, but after a long period of barbel obsession (that had a distinct chalk stream edge) I struggled to understand the Stour when I returned to her banks. I tried to speak the chalkstream language I had spoken for so long without considering the need for translation. The messages which I found so easy to read on the Kennet or Avon had a different meaning, and rather than take the time to learn […]

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Friday’s Allan’s Fangler (FAF): September 2016 (belatedly almost beyond belief)

Bermudan Triang-eel It’s always nice when the media grab the wrong end of a stick and jump on a story that isn’t quite what it seems. To be fair, ‘Bermudan eel in West Bromwich’ is exactly what editors crave to fill some column inches, and the story itself does not make any false claims, it’s just slightly skewed. Basically, following a pollution incident on the Ridgacre Branch of the Wednesbury Old Canal in the West Midlands, workers from the Canal and River Trust rescued a 5lb 10oz eel. Now, that’s a hefty specimen, especially for a canal, but when John Ellis, […]

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