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Autumn is coming and with it our rivers are beginning to wake up. The weed is beginning to thin, and the water levels are rising. Soon, those stretches that have slept all summer will be sparkle with every shower and thicken with fish. The chub (Squalius cephalus) is surely the epitome of a river fish. […]

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River Tone

Fishpool once spent a rather pleasant afternoon in Taunton, tucking into the scrumpy from the bars of the County Ground as I enjoyed a complimentary ticket to the cricket. The only thing lacking was the presence of a seriously destructive batsman. This was long before Chris Gayle’s fireworks and the days of Viv Richards and […]

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Eh by gum!

There are few techniques as exciting as sight fishing. Whether you are dapping grasshoppers, casting a dry fly, or fishing slow-sinking breadflake for mullet, the anticipation sends a tingle up your nose. Chub can often be targeted with such methods, but their natural wariness can make it tricky to detect bites. They will often pick up […]

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