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The Ocean sunfish (Mola mola) is one of the more peculiar looking fish in our seas, but their love of the sun was until recently unexplained. Research detailed in the Journal of Animal Ecology has found that sunfish are actually deep-diving feeders and their large body shape is less susceptible to the colder temperatures they […]

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(Platichthys flesus) –A humble flatfish who swims in the shadow of more culinary prized cousins, the flounder is actually a rather special creature. Winter estuaries are dotted with anglers whose pockets are heavy with beads and spoons, but sometimes they should cast further inland. This chap interrupted a string of grayling from a Hampshire chalkstream […]

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Jack Sellen

Jack’s interest in fishing is founded on fond childhood memories of spinning from the rocky Purbeck and Norwegian coasts and float fishing midgey rivers with his pa on holiday. An occasional Caught by the River contributor, he makes a living through the translation industry and spends it all collecting records and taking trips out of […]

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