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Peter Rolfe

As the crucian (see Fish we Like) evokes memories of first casts in small, overgrown pools, so the name Peter Rolfe becomes ever more synonymous with it. He is a reluctant ‘expert’, but anyone with such a deep affection and understanding of a species cannot deny the association. A retired schoolmaster, Peter’s interest in freshwater […]

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The crucian (Carassius carassius) is an oft overlooked species. Falsely labelled by many as a carp, this fish of still and slow moving lowland waterways is actually a species in its own right. Sadly, a tendency to hybridise with goldfish and common carp have led to a massive dilution of population, and true crucians are […]

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Black Bream

(Spondyliosom cantharus) Few British sea fish have benefitted from the rise in sea temperature and restrictions on inshore fishing more than the black bream. Lovers of rough ground, the bream arrive back from their deep sea winter haunts in April and May and do so in number. They are hard fighting – perhaps because they […]

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Though a couple of poor breeding seasons have checked their number, the recent success of the buzzard (Buteo buteo) is a true feather in the cap of tolerance and conservation. Now our most common raptor, the buzzard breeds in every British county, meaning any fishing trip (other than on the open sea) may be blessed […]

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