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Jeremy Paxman

Forget Newsnight, University Challenge, and that beard, Paxo’s true identity can be found on the river bank. He is an avid fly-fisher, and a vice President of the Wild Trout Trust. In between his journalism, broadcasting and Spey-casting, Paxman has also written books on subjects as diverse as Chemical Warfare and Volcanoes. We anglers know […]

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From clear, natural water, no British freshwater fish is as stunning as the rudd (Scardinius erythropthalmus). The bronze flanks glisten like butter in a pan and cut sharp contrast with blood-red fins. It is a shame they are not as widespread as they once were, for they are the perfect child’s catch. Lovers of the […]

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Flying Fish

One of those creatures that leaves children open-mouthed. A fish? – that lives in the sea? – that can fly? Woaahhh! There are in fact 64 species of Exocoetida, and though they don’t really fly in the conventional sense, they can stay airborne for a considerable time. By swimming at speeds of over 40mph they […]

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The Riverfly Partnership

A sidestream of the Salmon and Trout Association, the Riverfly Partnership represents almost 100 partner organisations. A mixed shoal of anglers, entomologists, conservationists, scientists and regional authorities, all working together to protect the water quality of our rivers. This is achieved by furthering the understanding of riverfly populations through monitoring and research, and seeking the […]

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