Friday’s Allan’s Fangler (FAF)… January 2017

N-Ice Trip…. One advantage of being a non-entity hiding behind the shroud of a nom-de-plume, is the ability to travel wherever I want, whenever I want. So having become thoroughly depressed at the recent saturation of the news, Fishpool took a trip to Mongolia, via Hungary, where talk of Trumping snowflakes and having kippers for Brexit is minimal. A fishing rod made it into my luggage of course – word had it that Budapest offered some of the finest nase fishing on the entire Danube, and a few pounders should get me nicely warmed up for the taimen I hoped to […]

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Parr’s Diary – January 2017

It was great to see Mark Walsingham (Skeff) on CountryFile earlier this month. He was with Dave Webb of the UK Wild Otter Trust to explain the new otter trapping licence, and the two of them featured in a segment focused on the current otter ‘debate’. Much of the piece was filmed at Ashmead, Skeff’s little slice of Somerset heaven, and though the trapping section was tightly clipped, I felt that the positivity of the scheme came across even if it was slightly diluted. I popped onto social media during the transmission, and my hopes of finding some considered debate were […]

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About the magazine

Fallon’s Angler is a PRINT ONLY* fishing magazine that celebrates the telling of the angling story through original, long-form writing with a strong, narrative feel, and avoids the incessant barrage of tackle and tactics. Appearing four times a year with an average of sixteen articles per issue, it gives the reader some 28,000+ words to sink their teeth into. Covering subjects from coarse, game and sea, it’s all down to the skill of the writer to convey the magic of angling. There are so many angling magazines it’s difficult to count them all. In this digital world, there are also myriad angling blogs and […]

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Taking the plunge: a pike to remember

It’s cold. Damn cold. The lake is iced over across two thirds of its width, a mischievous crust selling an illusion of solid ground, and a boisterous wind blows towards the outflow, slowly pushing the thaw with it. Winter can be beautiful, especially with a frost or snow, but nature is naked today without a blanket. Its colours are muted and mixed, like a child’s plasticine, eventually everything becoming one shade or another of brown, like the mud and muck that covers the ground, that is so easily revealed beneath the thin, slippery, pointless layer of last year’s grass. But you […]

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