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Ebba Durstewitz

Writer, musician, literary scholar and ‘conceptioner’, Ebba Durstewitz spends her life mixing art, music and science. She holds a PhD in Portuguese Studies and works as a freelance teacher at the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Hamburg University. Ebba is also a freelance writer, contributing to a variety of German magazines and newspapers. […]

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Conger eel

Back in May, a commercial fishing boat brought an enormous eel back into port. Despite being misreported by some sources as measuring 20 feet in length, it was still a considerable specimen and weighed over 130lbs. Sadly, such a fish used to be far more regularly encountered, as the conger eel (Congridae conger conger) is […]

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The Traditional Fisherman’s Forum

Internet forums can be fractious places. Keyboard warriors hiding behind self given aliases (one of Fishpool’s particular gripes) – all bitching and moaning and throwing mud. The angling world is as bad as any, save a couple of peaceful, well mannered sanctuaries. The Traditional Fisherman’s Forum is one such place. Mark Sarul has bailiffed the […]

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Perhaps it is because we spend too much time staring at rod-tips or motionless floats, but whatever the reason, anglers do seem particularly prone to seeing ghostly apparitions. Almost everyone has a creepy tale to tell, so what is it that makes people of sound mind go all aquiver – particularly at night? Many pools […]

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