Matt Hayes

Anyone who is a regular viewer of fishing programmes on the satellite channels will know Matt Hayes almost as well as they know themselves. Having appeared in over 200 television programmes, Matt has recently become a familiar face on terrestrial television too – acting as a judge on BBC2’s Earth’s Wildest Waters – The Big […]

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WH Canaway

Born in Altrincham, Cheshire in 1925, William Hamilton Canaway schooled locally and having attended University in Bangor, North Wales, served in the latter stages of Second World War. Canaway was an avid writer, and having returned to Education after his Military Service, then decided to focus full time upon his pen. His first novel, The […]

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John Andrews

Having grown up in an environment influenced by the rigours of religion and army-life, John Andrews’ subsequent career in the music industry must have made for quite a contrast. As marketing manager for Creation Records, John lived life at 1000mph – his daily dealings involving bands such as Oasis and Primal Scream. His was a […]

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Charles Rangeley-Wilson

Formerly a teacher, Charles Rangeley-Wilson’s love of travel, fishing and writing inevitably converged with the publication in 2004 of Somewhere Else. He has since written extensively, and contributes to Gray’s Sporting Journal and is Angling Correspondent to The Field, though he is familiar to many as The Accidental Angler. Rangeley-Wilson is a keen conservationist, with […]

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HT Sheringham

Hugh Tempest Sheringham was, quite simply, one of the greatest angling writers to have ever put pen to paper. Born in Tewkesbury in 1879, on the confluence of the River Severn and Warwickshire Avon, most of Sheringham’s casts were actually made further to the south-east in the Kennet valley. Here he developed an attitude that […]

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Chris Sandford

Who could forget those wonderful moments in the Passion for Angling series? Quotes from the likes of Sheringham and Ted Hughes read so perfectly by the silky-voiced Chris Sandford. Sandford spent many years as an actor before realising that his voice was his meal ticket. Stage performances and a two year stint on Coronation Street […]

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Carlos Baz

Carlos Baz does not remember the first fish he ever caught. Though it must have made an impression. A lifelong fisherman, he now spends his time on the water with fly rod in hand hunting across shallow flats in search of saltwater gamefish. When he’s not fishing, thinking about fishing, or planning his next trip, […]

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Dales 2

John Aston

John Aston got away with pretending to be a lawyer but since retiring in 2012 he’s reverted to being a stranger to fashion who spends most of his time outdoors in his beloved North Yorkshire. He listens to loud music and enjoys reading people who can write, like Hemingway and Gierach. He loves fly fishing […]

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James Gilbraith

James Gilbraith published his first book Terminal Chancer Silver Seasons Atlantic Salmon in 2014. Originally from Blackburn, he currently lives in Clitheroe, Lancashire. He is a 47-year-old husband, father, music lover, geriatric footballer and small-time tennis hack. He can generally be found lurking somewhere on the river Ribble, where he reluctantly became secretary of Ribblesdale […]

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Peter Brown

Peter Brown followed a spell in advertising with a postgrad in illustration at Central St Martin’s in London. He has illustrated a weekly column about birdlife in Britain—The Feather Report—for The Times newspaper since 1992. Working mainly in wood engraving and Japanese woodblock, he also teaches classes and workshops in both media. www.littlebrownbirds.co.uk

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hannett big

Daniel Davidson

Daniel Davidson is an illustrator who works with a variety of clients including Virgin Records, Saatchi Art and Music Magazine and Creative Review. He is currently working on illustrations for the as-yet-untitled sequel, to the alternative salmon fishing book, Terminal Chancer, which he also illustrated. www.danieldavidson.co.uk

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Marc Harris

Marc Harris was born in Cardiff where he works with homeless and disadvantaged people. Marc has had one book of nature poetry published by Little Egret Press, and a second book of nature and travel writing awaiting publication by the same press. Marc has written many short stories, poems and articles, and has been published […]

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Jack Hargreaves

Though his family roots were in Yorkshire, Jack Hargreaves was born and raised further south, near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. An interest in radio led to him building a reputation in the world of broadcasting, and in the Second World War he was recruited to the staff of General Montgomery—charged to set up radio communication between […]

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Ted Hughes

Born Edward James in 1930, Ted Hughes is regarded as one of the greatest poets of the 20th Century. He was raised in the West Riding of Yorkshire, among the folds of farmland that make up the Calder Valley and beneath the moors of the southern Pennines. Here he learned to hunt and to fish, […]

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Ebba Durstewitz

Writer, musician, literary scholar and ‘conceptioner’, Ebba Durstewitz spends her life mixing art, music and science. She holds a PhD in Portuguese Studies and works as a freelance teacher at the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Hamburg University. Ebba is also a freelance writer, contributing to a variety of German magazines and newspapers. […]

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Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts was born within casting distance of Old Father Thames, where he spent a halcyon boyhood catching perch from beneath wind ruffled willows. He evolved as an angler on the idyllic river Kennet, where he chased barbel among the thick, waving fronds of ranunculus. Having caught his fill of whoppers the lure of spring […]

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Peter Rolfe

As the crucian (see Fish we Like) evokes memories of first casts in small, overgrown pools, so the name Peter Rolfe becomes ever more synonymous with it. He is a reluctant ‘expert’, but anyone with such a deep affection and understanding of a species cannot deny the association. A retired schoolmaster, Peter’s interest in freshwater […]

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FWK Wallis

Many angling names are familiar to us through literature – particularly those from previous generations. Wallis, however, was not a writer, though his legacy lives on through his record breaking captures and his extraordinary ability with a centre-pin reel. Wallis was a renowned river angler, cutting his teeth on the Trent before bewitching the barbel […]

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Dick Walker

Few, if any, people have influenced angling quite as much as Richard Walker. He was a pioneer, matching science with extraordinary watercraft in order to catch the uncatchable. His capture of a 44lb carp in 1952 created shockwaves that still ripple through the angling world today. Clarissa, as the fish was later named, added 18lb […]

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Jeremy Paxman

Forget Newsnight, University Challenge, and that beard, Paxo’s true identity can be found on the river bank. He is an avid fly-fisher, and a vice President of the Wild Trout Trust. In between his journalism, broadcasting and Spey-casting, Paxman has also written books on subjects as diverse as Chemical Warfare and Volcanoes. We anglers know […]

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Dennis Watkins Pitchford was an illustrator and naturalist of great note, but is more familiar by his nom-de-plume. As BB, he was a prolific writer of children’s fiction and countryside pursuits. His Bedside books are still great favourites – not least the Fisherman’s selection, whereas his Confessions of a Carp Fisher captures the psyche of […]

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Arthur Ransome

Even eighty-five years after its first publication, Swallows and Amazons casts a magical spell. Sailing, exploring, battles with bows and arrows and even drowning duffers – Ransome’s book had it all. But best of all was the fishing, and young Roger’s encounter with a monster pike. The author clearly knew his subject matter, as well […]

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Jack Sellen

Jack’s interest in fishing is founded on fond childhood memories of spinning from the rocky Purbeck and Norwegian coasts and float fishing midgey rivers with his pa on holiday. An occasional Caught by the River contributor, he makes a living through the translation industry and spends it all collecting records and taking trips out of […]

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Jim Burns

Writer, journalist, editor and author Jim Burns is on the staff of Occidental College in Los Angeles. His popular blog, lariverflyfishing.com, covers the fishing, politics and science of that waterway’s billion-dollar recovery effort.  A career fly fisherman, he and his son, Will, have slapped water on most of Southern California’s streams, rivers and trickles.  He […]

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Alex Norgate

For Alex Norgate, fishing isn’t just about catching fish, it is a chance to reconnect with his surroundings and plumb the depths of the mind. Since March 2014 he has travelled around France in a converted Luton van, composing music, taking photos and fishing, and writing about it on his blog: carpwatercraft.wordpress.com

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Jon Berry

Jon Berry has fished for 40 years without ever achieving competence. This hasn’t stopped him enjoying it. He regards fishing as his real life, but spends an inordinate amount of time in a false one where he is an Assistant Headteacher at a large Wiltshire secondary school. He has written three books on angling and […]

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