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Blue Marlin

Few fish capture the imagination like the Atlantic blue marlin (Makaira nigricans). For many, these are the ultimate game fish. Not only do they grow huge—the rod caught record is over 1400lb—they fight like no other fish. Blue marlin are built for speed—with slim, streamlined bodies, great fan like pectorals that can fold into grooves […]

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In a former guise, Fishpool spent a fair bit of time touring the country and sampling the delights of roadside snack vans. His favourite, and there was a lot of competition, was tucked away on an Industrial Estate in Stockport. The menu, rather like that well known Monty Python sketch, was extensive – as long […]

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The Royalty Fishery

The Hampshire Avon slips through some of the most stunning and historic land in the country. Sprung from the chalk aquifers of Salisbury Plain, the upper river sparkles through archaeological heaven. Stonehenge, Woodhenge, the ancient metropolis of Durrington Walls, then, of course, through Salisbury whereafter it is alternatively named. Having watered Ringwood and skirted the […]

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