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HT Sheringham

Hugh Tempest Sheringham was, quite simply, one of the greatest angling writers to have ever put pen to paper. Born in Tewkesbury in 1879, on the confluence of the River Severn and Warwickshire Avon, most of Sheringham’s casts were actually made further to the south-east in the Kennet valley. Here he developed an attitude that […]

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Chris Sandford

Who could forget those wonderful moments in the Passion for Angling series? Quotes from the likes of Sheringham and Ted Hughes read so perfectly by the silky-voiced Chris Sandford. Sandford spent many years as an actor before realising that his voice was his meal ticket. Stage performances and a two year stint on Coronation Street […]

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Great white shark

No fish commands such fear and awe, or is perhaps so misunderstood as the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). This is a truly massive fish – specimens approaching 20 feet in length have been reliably reported, while many believe the great white can grow significantly larger. They are found throughout the world – though require […]

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Based upon Peter Benchleys’s 1974 novel of the same name, Jaws celebrates its fortieth birthday this year. Winning three Academy Awards, the film was an enormous success, but despite being commercially and critically acclaimed, the depiction of the great white shark as a man-eating monster has not helped the species’ true identity. Director Steven Spielberg […]

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Walker Bay

For many years South Africa was regarded as one of the premier spots in the world for shark fishing, with anglers coming from across the globe, many hoping to hook a great white shark. As the great white became increasingly threatened throughout its range, many countries, South Africa included, banned the fishing for them. This […]

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