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Dick Walker

Few, if any, people have influenced angling quite as much as Richard Walker. He was a pioneer, matching science with extraordinary watercraft in order to catch the uncatchable. His capture of a 44lb carp in 1952 created shockwaves that still ripple through the angling world today. Clarissa, as the fish was later named, added 18lb […]

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The very name stirs the emotions. The Ferox (Salmo ferox) is one angry brown trout who ate his brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles and simply grew and grew. These are fish of the wildest waters; the lochs of Scotland and loughs of Ireland, where the water runs as deep as a mountain is tall. They […]

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Having filled your Kelly Kettle (see Things we Like) with water, the next step is ignition. Newspapers ain’t what they used to be. Even the broadsheets seem to just blacken and smoulder like a pile of wet leaves. Fire lighters might be an option, but are morally unacceptable and they stink. Kerosene tainted cheese paste […]

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Barbus Barbus

Regular readers of Bits ‘n Pieces will have had their taste buds tickled in recent weeks with talk of Cormorant soup and Heron pudding. Such delicacies require something decent to wash them down with, and having resisted the temptation to pull a Kingfisher beer, Fishpool has been sampling something rather more pleasant. Butts brewery are based […]

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