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If the crucian (see last week’s Fish we Like) maddens a freshwater angler with his shy-biting ways, a similar infuriation will be found on various piers and harbour walls this summer. Floats will dive and rod tips rattle but a strike will only connect with thin air. The culprits are garfish (Belone belone), and the […]

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The greatest treasures to be unearthed by explorers of a past age were surely ecological. Horses wearing pyjamas, bald grey mammoths, talking birds and fish that live on land. ‘Gadzooks!’ the Royal Court may have cried at such absurdity, ‘a fish that can breathe?’ The mudskippers are members of the family Oxudercinae, a subspecies of […]

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The Avocet

Should you be planning an early season barbel fishing trip with your recently acquired split cane rod, then make sure you pack the right avocet in your holdall. Those drowsy early hours can cause confusion but finding an avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta) in your bag when you get to the riverbank will likely lessen your chances […]

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Deep in the wetlands of Somerset sits fourteen acres of angling paradise. Since 2006, Ashmead Fishery has been under the ownership of Mark and Shona Walsingham (see People we Like) – a poignant homecoming for Mark who had fished the lake since childhood. The site has been developed to embrace the stunning habitat that surrounds […]

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Loch Awe

Some 80 miles north-west of Glasgow sits Scotland’s longest freshwater loch. Awe is aptly named – the scenery here, though perhaps not as dramatic as in the Great Glen, remains jaw-droppingly beautiful. And the fishing, though popular, is largely untapped. Loch Awe is twenty five miles long, and holds a good head of trout, perch, […]

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