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Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts was born within casting distance of Old Father Thames, where he spent a halcyon boyhood catching perch from beneath wind ruffled willows. He evolved as an angler on the idyllic river Kennet, where he chased barbel among the thick, waving fronds of ranunculus. Having caught his fill of whoppers the lure of spring […]

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From the savagery of the bite, to the endless power of the fight, hooking a barbel (Barbus barbus) is an unforgettable experience. These are fish of fast flows and strong currents, using the weight and power of the water to hold station against the bottom – their stream-lined shape perfectly suited to life in the […]

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At the end of a terrace in the small market town of Usk, upon the river of the same name, sits the most extraordinary fishing tackle shop in Britain. Sweets Fishing Tackle has been trading on Porthycarne Street for nearly a century, and little has changed in that time. Originally founded by Harry Powell, inventor […]

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50 Kelvington Road, London, SE15 3EH, United Kingdom