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As we edge ever nearer to Opening Day (see Things we Like), one species that will be swimming strongly through our dreams is the tench. For stillwater anglers, the tench (Tinca tinca) is surely the early season fish of choice. Lovers of old pools and slow moving rivers and canals, the tench is a solid, […]

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Long before the King Carp made it to our shores, a Danubian strain of Cyprinus carpio was finding its way into our lakes and rivers. Imported as a food source, these ‘wild’ carp were stocked into pools across the country by Medieval Monks looking for an easy to maintain food source. These fish were slim […]

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Opening Day

Christmas Eve? Pah! Nothing – nothing! – comes close to the excitement of June 15th. Digging out your tackle bag from the chicken coop or washing basket (see Back of the Shed), baits tubbed, sandwiches wrapped, alarm set for silly o’clock. Somehow, somehow, you have to sleep. Many coarse anglers fish on through the spring […]

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