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The poor old minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) has an unenviable life. Everywhere he swims he finds something that wants to eat him. Even when fully grown he’ll make a meal for a ruffe, and pike a thousand times his size will make a tic-tac size snack out of him. There is danger from above, with kingfishers, […]

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Imagine the picture of Miss Ballantyne with her record 64lb salmon. Now consider a fish twice as big – that hasn’t nipped off downstream to get fat on a seafood diet. Surely no such Salmonidae exists? Well, maybe not in the Tay but in the rivers of Russia and Mongolia swims a true giant. The […]

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Illustration by Peter Brown


As the mayfly clouds billow, particularly across the southern streams, and the swallows and martins fill their beaks, the sharper eyed angler might notice a larger bird swooping among them. The hobby (Falco subbuteo) is our most graceful falcon. It winters in Africa and follows the hirundine migration north, and over the last half century […]

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Squid lures

Anyone who read Issue One of Fallon’s angler will have been inspired/bemused/terrified of Dom Garnett’s after dark exploits in Torquay. To recap, Dom penned a rather brilliant piece about squid fishing, and one of the most fascinating aspects was the type of lures he used. Though the body resembled that of a standard lure (imitating […]

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Sightseeing Carp

A study published in Theoretical Ecology earlier this Spring suggests that invasive species find a foothold in new ecosystems by hanging out at familiar landmarks. Species such as the Asian carp, when finding themselves in a new environment, will seek out spots that look different, in the hope that a potential mate will have the […]

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