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WH Canaway

Born in Altrincham, Cheshire in 1925, William Hamilton Canaway schooled locally and having attended University in Bangor, North Wales, served in the latter stages of Second World War. Canaway was an avid writer, and having returned to Education after his Military Service, then decided to focus full time upon his pen. His first novel, The […]

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A Wye barbel

Before anyone leaps up and thumbs back through their leatherbound Bits and Pieces archives (that is what everyone does with these words each week – isn’t it?), Fishpool is well aware that the barbel (barbus barbus) featured in Issue 14. Sometimes though, rules are made to be broken – and besides, in the world of […]

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Blithfield Reservoir

Formed in the 1940’s and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, in 1953, Blithfield Reservoir covers nearly 800 acres and nestles neatly into the Staffordshire landscape. It was built as a source of freshwater, but also offers opportunities for anglers, walkers and birders. Some of the shoreline and surrounding woodland are only accessible […]

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