What is great angling?

Having read of the president of the International Game Fish Association proclaiming Zyg Gregorek as ‘The Greatest Angler in the World’, it got Fishpool thinking… Though Zyg has made no such claims himself (to Fishpool’s knowledge), it is an interesting statement. In terms of Game fish caught, Zyg is without equal, and his achievements warrant …

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Waiter, there’s a cormorant in my soup!

The perfect starter for the Heron Pudding mentioned in last week’s Bits and Pieces is surely to be found in Vicoria R Rumble’s Soup Through the Ages. In the nineteenth century, Cormorant Soup regularly featured in the diets of those living in the Western Isles of Scotland. The thought of it is, frankly, repulsive but …

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What is ‘back of the shed’?

‘Back of the shed’ is the place where random angling detritus gets deposited. It can be anything at all, but mostly it’s slightly obscure, off the beaten-track, difficult to categorise, like a caelocanth. Well, ok, that’s not the best example. It’s a place for anything that isn’t one of the other five categories in ‘BITS’N’PIECES’. There, much …

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