Fish wives

Herring fishing was once a big industry throughout northern Europe and North America. As vast shoals of fish were located and plundered before being readied for shipment across both continents, entire communities were founded upon this single process. As Donald S Murray explains in Herring Tales, though the fishing itself was undertaken almost exclusively by […]

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Pye in the Sky?

As Fishpool was nosing through the 1963 edition of the Anglers’ Annual, a familiar name caught his or her eye in the Coarse Fishing Catch Review section. Captor of one of the biggest pike of the year (a fish of 32lb from Hickling Broad) was Dennis Pye. A further glance below at the rudd report […]

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The late 1970’s – in Britain Punk still ruled, though the Ska sounds of bands such as The Piranhas were becoming increasingly influential. Meanwhile, in the US and Canada, Heavy Metal was giving way to Rock. Bands like Survivor, Rainbow, and Chicago were adding harmonies and soaring guitar solos to hard-edged bass riffs, and among […]

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Christmas Nosh

The New Year inevitably brings with it a tinge of regret when those extra pounds (or kilos) around the belly first show themselves on the scales. But gluttony is thankfully a mainstay of our festive season, and resolutions are quickly made (and broken).  It is popularly believed that it was Henry VIII’s fondness for turkey on Christmas Day […]

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Eh by gum!

There are few techniques as exciting as sight fishing. Whether you are dapping grasshoppers, casting a dry fly, or fishing slow-sinking breadflake for mullet, the anticipation sends a tingle up your nose. Chub can often be targeted with such methods, but their natural wariness can make it tricky to detect bites. They will often pick up […]

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Elder Trees

Back in Issue 11 of Bits and Pieces, Fishpool made mention of Elderflower Champagne—a cheap and easy-to-make glass of slightly alcoholic fizz. Having quaffed several gallons since, the end of the elderflower season is no bad thing—work needs to be done and too many weeks have passed in an elder haze. Fishpool, though, has still […]

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Perhaps it is because we spend too much time staring at rod-tips or motionless floats, but whatever the reason, anglers do seem particularly prone to seeing ghostly apparitions. Almost everyone has a creepy tale to tell, so what is it that makes people of sound mind go all aquiver – particularly at night? Many pools […]

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Squid lures

Anyone who read Issue One of Fallon’s angler will have been inspired/bemused/terrified of Dom Garnett’s after dark exploits in Torquay. To recap, Dom penned a rather brilliant piece about squid fishing, and one of the most fascinating aspects was the type of lures he used. Though the body resembled that of a standard lure (imitating […]

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Sightseeing Carp

A study published in Theoretical Ecology earlier this Spring suggests that invasive species find a foothold in new ecosystems by hanging out at familiar landmarks. Species such as the Asian carp, when finding themselves in a new environment, will seek out spots that look different, in the hope that a potential mate will have the […]

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Having filled your Kelly Kettle (see Things we Like) with water, the next step is ignition. Newspapers ain’t what they used to be. Even the broadsheets seem to just blacken and smoulder like a pile of wet leaves. Fire lighters might be an option, but are morally unacceptable and they stink. Kerosene tainted cheese paste […]

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Barbus Barbus

Regular readers of Bits ‘n Pieces will have had their taste buds tickled in recent weeks with talk of Cormorant soup and Heron pudding. Such delicacies require something decent to wash them down with, and having resisted the temptation to pull a Kingfisher beer, Fishpool has been sampling something rather more pleasant. Butts brewery are based […]

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As Election fever grips the nation, the residents of Grimsby were treated this week to the sight of reality star ‘Joey Essex’ and wannabe MP ‘Nigel Farage’ boarding a fishing boat in order to ‘discuss’ EU fishing policy. This is a serious issue, as Grimbsy folk know only too well, so what was the main […]

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The Ocean sunfish (Mola mola) is one of the more peculiar looking fish in our seas, but their love of the sun was until recently unexplained. Research detailed in the Journal of Animal Ecology has found that sunfish are actually deep-diving feeders and their large body shape is less susceptible to the colder temperatures they […]

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Fish slapping

Remember the Fish-Slapping Dance in Monty Python? Of course you do. But such wonderful buffoonery might not be out of place were you to happen upon a Korean wedding. Sort of. In some areas it is customary for the grooms to have their feet beaten with dead fish in order to prove their strength before […]

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What is ‘back of the shed’?

‘Back of the shed’ is the place where random angling detritus gets deposited. It can be anything at all, but mostly it’s slightly obscure, off the beaten-track, difficult to categorise, like a caelocanth. Well, ok, that’s not the best example. It’s a place for anything that isn’t one of the other five categories in ‘BITS’N’PIECES’. There, much […]

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Caption competition

The submission date for the Caption Competition has been extended to January 31st 2015, to overlap with the publication of Issue 2 of Fallon’s Angler. To enter the competition, you must first have purchased a copy of Fallon’s Angler Issue 1. When you purchase a copy, you get a unique order number. Please submit this […]

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