Parr’s Diary – November 2018 – Down the Local

I have always been guilty of ignoring what is on my doorstep, convincing myself that I must travel to make the best of my fishing, that the far bank will always hold more fish than the water beneath my feet. This came in part from growing up in mid-Hampshire, where anglers came to cast dry-flies […]

Sturgeon Hunter SLIDER

NEW FILM – Sturgeon Hunter

  Earlier this year, Garrett ventured to Canada in the hope of fulfilling a lifetime’s ambition of catching a fish bigger than himself. Nick went with him, and took his camera equipment along. The resulting film is Fallon’s Angler’s most ambitious yet – and is launched to coincide with Issue 14.

    Fallon's Angler Issue 14

    Fallon's Angler 14 BIG RIVER. BIG FISH. The sturgeon of the Fraser River, by Garrett Fallon. Also featuring a tribute to Rod Hutchinson by Chris Yates. We give a hearty welcome to new Fallon's Angler contributors Tom Grahame, Matt Spence and Tim Abt, welcome back Gary Crossley, Steve Roberts, Bruno Vincent, Tom Fort, John Langridge, Dominic Garnett, Tony Carmody, John Andrews, Jack Perks, Kevin Parr, Nick Fallowfield-Cooper and the General, and raise a full glass to the Number Twenty2 Alehouse in Darlington. FREE SHIPPING within the UK

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