Jeff Hatt

JeffHattBorn in Billericay, Jeff Hatt is an Essex boy and gifted magpie. Early tackle was secured through the generosity of relatives: Aunty Sandra’s Green Shield Stamps got his first rod, from Uncle Paul, a southpaw ‘300.’ Aunty Thelma provided more, and her husband Ron, likewise. Elder cousin Alan gave a season ticket to South Weald Lake, brother Lee his carp rods and reels. Mum rescued him from distant punctures incurred on his Dad’s bike. Sent to Coventry aged 46 without a stick of tackle to his name, he finally bought a rod and reel of his own and started Idler’s Quest ( He gained lots of new friends and the house was soon stacked high with their surplus gear. Owing such a debt of gratitude to others, Jeff’s greatest worry is that life may not be long enough to pay it off and his memory be too short to remember who be credited what.

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