Mark Walsingham

P_MWalsingham_GFA professional fisheries biologist, conservationist and land management specialist, Mark Walsingham worked for the National Trust for more than 15 years. He now provides land management and fisheries consultancy, specialising in river and lake restoration. He is a lifelong angler who has caught some truly monstrous fish. Well-known in carp circles—he is a regular contributor to Carpworld magazine—he casts for all sorts of species, having caught some very big river pike, battled barbel and sought sea trout on the fly—all done with a love of vintage tackle and a passion for nature. Mark restored the famous Ashmead Fishery in Somerset, which he owns and runs with his wife Shona; a carp fishery where nature holds sway. He penned the acclaimed A Fool and his Eel (Freebird Publishing) and has written for numerous angling magazines. All this despite a dangerous affiliation with the Golden Scale Club, a shady bunch of ne’er-do-wells who have led him astray for nearly 40 years.

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