Novel Ways of Cleaning out your tackle bag #3

IMG_3020Regular readers of Bits and Pieces will be familiar with this, occasional series. Back in mid March Fishpool attempted with absolute minimal effort, to clean his tackle bag out after another grime laden season. His attempts failed.

So here we are now, on the cusp of a new season, and the issue has yet to be resolved. Which is just fine.

Of course, the bag has sat in the same spot in the hallway for nearly three months now. Any stray maggots will have crawled out and pupated, or pupated and flown, while the lack of any serious smell within the hall suggests that any food scraps will have dessicated or been found by a fortunate mouse.

This means that come Tuesday morning the bag can be slung onto Fishpool’s shoulder, safe in the knowledge that all that is needed will still be inside. Job Done. Or rather, job not done…..

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