The River Ribble

IMG_2889They may not have been the best of historical friends, but even when disagreeing about the colour of a rose, the folk of Lancashire and Yorkshire had to share the River Ribble.

Rising in the Yorkshire Dales, the Ribble is the only river sourced in Yorkshire that does not empty into the North Sea. Instead it curves a course west, passing through Clitheroe and Preston and providing a variety of fishing as it does.

There are trout and grayling throughout with a run of salmon and some very large sea trout. In recent years the Ribble has become noted for its chub and barbel, with huge specimens of both species, while it also supports a good stock of other coarse species.

And last but far from least, it is also the home water of James Boo Gilbraith, author of the brilliant Terminal Chancer, Silver Seasons, Atlantic Salmon. Possibly one of the most entertaining salmon fishing books ever written.

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