“This truly is an exceptional piece of work”

WOW. I have just received my copy of Fallon’s Angler. Now, I had high hopes for this magazine, but it has—in every way imaginable—surpassed all my expectations. It is elegant, attractive, engaging and eclectic. It is well written, well designed and well produced. There is a fine balance to it—in terms of its content, its tone and its ambition. It is sitting on my desk and I keep picking it up and flicking through it. Frankly, I can’t resist. I am gobsmacked. The images are simply stunning, the layout is exquisite and the articles are intriguing—not to mention amusing and informative. Garrett Fallon, you can be very proud of your achievement. This is no mean feat. It may be the first issue, but it has been long in the making. It is clearly the fruit of very careful planning, massive commitment, admirable dedication and no small amount of knowledge, ambition and—dare I say it—love. This truly is an exceptional piece of work and I would urge anyone who has not ordered a copy to do so as soon as possible. You will not regret it.

Dr Michael Potterton, editor, Four Courts Press, Dublin

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