Wallis Casting

IMG_2853The sun is high, the sky clear and every chub in the river is skulking under that far bank raft – thirty yards away. If you had brought a fixed spool reel then you’d have a five pounder on the bank within minutes, but you’re using a centrepin and you’ve yet to dance with the devil.

Named after FWK Wallis (see People we Like), though known and used before his mastery, the Wallis cast is, in theory, straightforward. The weight is swung out while at the same moment the spare hand draws the line firmly from the reel. The drum spins and the weight and momentum of the cast takes the slack. As the tackle approaches the chosen spot so the thumb of the rod hand gently breaks the spinning reel. The float lands with barely a splash and there’s not a tangle in sight.

Yes…it is supposed to be that simple….just make sure you practise before you visit the river.

Next week – The Offside Rule Explained in only Seven words.

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