Andrews of Arcadia

FullSizeRender-2Anyone who should find themselves near Spitalfields Market on a Thursday could do worse than visit the stall of John Andrews. Having traded in vintage fishing tackle for nearly a decade, John’s inspiration is borne from a fascination with angling history and he specialises in tackle items from the Georgian era through to the mid Twentieth Century.

John spends six days from seven sourcing various angling accoutrements – ‘from the typeface on old cellophane hook packets to 1930’s celluloid fly and bait boxes, from wooden Nottinghams to mass produced alloy centrepins, from electronica to labelled floats, from bait mounts and old game bags to gaffs and game old bags.’

For anyone not living in London, Andrews of Arcadia can also be found online – at Here, you will find items recently placed into stock, direct contact details for John himself, and a link to John’s blog. You are also able to peruse the various rooms of the Arcadian shop and check for news of upcoming Vintage Fishing Tackle Fairs.

Whatever your own particular taste, there is every chance that Arcadia will hold something of interest…

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