Bob the Giant Goldfish

FullSizeRender-4One of the curious aspects of a fish is its ability to grow in relation to subtle changes in its environment. Put a thousand young rudd into a tiny pond and they will remain stunted, but put the same amount in a 10 acre lake and they will grow much larger – provided there is sufficient food and a natural balance of predators, of course. What is truly amazing though, is that a fish that has not changed for many years can grow rapidly if food and space are increased.

The same applies to goldfish in a tank – as the recent story of Bob the Giant Goldfish demonstrates.

Having been bought three years ago as an inch long baby, Bob is now twelve inches long, while Baby Bob, who was purchased the same day, has barely grown at all.

Said his owner, Anne of Scarborough, ‘He is more than a foot in length and shows no signs of stopping. His size is quite intimidating to the cats who often approach him but if he moves suddenly then they run away in fright.’

The two Bobs live in a five foot tank and are liberally fed – a perfect environment for one or both to grow. Big Bob seems to boss Little Bob though, and is apparently so greedy he demands a Sunday lunch – with a particular fondness for peas. So just how big will he grow? Fishpool will keep an eye on the news to find out….

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