Facial Hair

FullSizeRender-2Despite having absolutely no statistical evidence to prove it, Fishpool is willing to bet a pint of maggots on the fact that more facial hair is sported by male anglers than men of any other sporting or leisure activity.

Consider the beards that have graced the pages of Bits and Pieces – Yates, Wilson, Botham, Lampard, Halford, Venables and Hargreaves. Of course there are those without whiskers, perhaps due to work requirements, health or age, but there are also those with a few days’ growth or designer goatees.

And though some might suggest that it is (further) proof that anglers are a bunch of unkempt, soap-dodging, ne’er-do-wells, Fishpool would argue that it actually makes perfect sense.

We spend our time outside, in all kinds of weather. A beard or moustache helps to keep out the cold – in fact, many of us grow a winter beard for that very reason. It could be argued that with eyes shielded by dark glasses or the brim of a hat, facial hair helps to hide us too. The bright beaming dial of a face lost behind a fuzzy veil.    

Fishpool hopes to one day grow a beard. When he or she is old enough. Until that day I must feel the chill upon my chin….

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