Leaf Catching

FullSizeRender-1Autumn is a prime time for fishing. As the water temperatures begin to drop, many fish feed hard in order to pack on weight for the winter ahead. Weed dies back and river flows increase, while around the coasts now is the best time to find a big bass or two.

Regardless of the season, one thing anglers always need is a touch of good fortune, and autumn also brings a perfect chance to further one’s luck. The trees have faded from gold to brown and leaves now spiral groundwards in their millions.  All we need do is catch a dozen – one for every month – in order that we assure ourselves a fortuitous forthcoming year.

It sounds easy, but as the wind gusts so the leaves dance, and the moment we reach to grab one it flicks over on the breeze and we grasp nothing but air. The rules are not rigid, but should a leaf become stuck on another branch then it cannot count, and a once grounded, a leaf cannot be claimed should the wind whisk it up once more.

For added kudos, we should try to catch our quota with one hand, whereas more experienced leafers might use just their mouths or only catch from the saddle of a  moving bicycle.

Of course, you may worry that your neighbours will think you mad but don’t fret – they see you packing your rods whatever the weather and already consider you a lost cause…

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