Old Bury Hill

In an era of Commercial Fisheries, there are one or two places that break the mould of a typical ‘hole-in-the-ground’. One such fishery is Old Bury Hill, near Dorking in Surrey, where the Old lake is one of the most stunning day ticket waters in the country. Created 200 years ago , the main lake covers some 12 acres and holds carp and pike to over thirty pounds, bream, tench and zander into double figures and a wealth of smaller fish.

A large area of the lake is off limits to bank fisherman, meaning the only way to cast is by means of a punt. A leisurely paddle up to one particular arm leads you into the jungle, where the bank loses definition to a lovely tangle of branches and scrub. The water here is shallow, but packed with fish – especially in the summer. Huge catches of tench (see Fish we Like) can be made here, and you sit in wonderful isolation.

It might not be cheap, but it’s hard to beat for a decent fix of tinca!

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