Opening Day

IMG_3023Christmas Eve? Pah! Nothing – nothing! – comes close to the excitement of June 15th. Digging out your tackle bag from the chicken coop or washing basket (see Back of the Shed), baits tubbed, sandwiches wrapped, alarm set for silly o’clock.

Somehow, somehow, you have to sleep.

Many coarse anglers fish on through the spring these days, but with a close season still operating on our rivers, the build up to the 16th remains intense. So much changes in those three months of abstinence. The glassy grey river now sparkles and glistens. That swim you clagged about in back in March has vanished beneath a blanket of red campion and water mint. Amid the birdsong and buzz is a brave new world.

Those of us not on the riverbank, might be snoozing beside a pond or lake, dreaming of tench and wildies (see Fish we Like). Regardless of where you are – have a glorious day.

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