Peter Rolfe

IMG_2872As the crucian (see Fish we Like) evokes memories of first casts in small, overgrown pools, so the name Peter Rolfe becomes ever more synonymous with it. He is a reluctant ‘expert’, but anyone with such a deep affection and understanding of a species cannot deny the association.

A retired schoolmaster, Peter’s interest in freshwater ecology led to his involvement in a series of small ponds in south Wiltshire. Here, a fortunate few can fish for crucians weighing in excess of three pounds, while Peter’s recent studies on another private string of pools has led to some extraordinary discoveries.

He has written of his passions in two books, The Net on the Garage Wall, and Crock of Gold, and though he still makes an occasional cast, is often happiest simply watching the water and listening to birdsong.

Peter is pictured (left middle) with a couple of anglers grateful of his work.

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