The Baltic Sea

IMG_2862Never drink sea water. This is the first rule of survival when shipwrecked or cast adrift. Unless, that is, you happen to be in the Baltic.

Here, the salinity level here is so low that it can actually rehydrate. And though it might not taste too pleasant, it must be a reassurance to those living in the Baltic States.

The lack of salt does leave The Baltic prone to freezing, and inland waters will ice over most winters. Another result of the low saline levels can be seen in the fish populations. Carp and cod can be found side by side while a spot of roach fishing might be interrupted by a hungry herring.

With a richer diet, some of the freshwater species grow huge – with enormous pike and perch to be found. And should you remember the tea bags but not the water – simply dunk your Kelly Kettle into the noggin.

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