The Lift Method

IMG_3320There are few moments in angling as fine as watching tiny tench bubbles prickle the surface around a red-topped float—your red-topped float. Add to that a patch of lilies and a slightly sultry summer evening and life is almost perfect.

The next moment, should it happen at all, is the one that may divide opinion. Some of us like to see the float dip slowly and slide away, whereas others prefer it to rise up in the water—occasionally even lying flat on the surface.

This latter action can be achieved by utilizing the lift method.

It is actually quite simple. The float is set at dead depth, with the bulk of the weight anchored to the bottom and just a fraction of the float showing above the surface. A feeding tench is working around the bait, nose down, but lifting slightly to swallow and move. When it picks up the hookbait it also lifts the weight from the bottom, and without an anchor, the float rises up in the water.

It’s a great tactic, providing the bottom is fairly flat, and will catch plenty of tench through the summer months.

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