The Deveron

IMG_3327Way up in the northeast of Scotland flows the River Deveron. Rising in the Ladder Hills on the edge of the Grampian Mountain range, the Deveron flows unnoticed to many, overshadowed in some eyes by the nearby Spey. Yet the Deveron has a history to match any river in Scotland, particularly when it comes to Atlantic salmon (see Fish we Like).

It was here in 1924 that Clementina Morison (see People we Like) caught her record fly-caught fish, and around a thousand salmon are caught annually from the river. There is also a fine run of sea trout, which fish into double figures, and a native population of brownies that can reach six pounds. The Deveron is a spate river, and can rise and fall as you wait and watch, but those who fish here want for nowhere else.

Much of the fishing centres around Huntly and Turiff, amid gentle rolling countryside. Here, even when the river is low, are areas where the bedrock will conjure up white water, giving sanctuary to salmon throughout the year.

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