The Meon

IMG_3248Hampshire is renowned throughout the world for its chalkstreams. Fly anglers travel miles and pay extraordinary amounts of money to cast for the trout and salmon of the Test and Itchen, but to some, the real treasure flows a few miles further east.

The River Meon is a little over twenty miles long and meanders its way through the Hampshire countryside with the minimum of fuss. It rarely wends with any serious width or depth, instead ducking along hedgerows and skirting fields before slipping into Southampton Water while no-one seems to notice.

Those in the know regard the Meon as one of the ultimate dry fly fisheries. Her trout are small, wild brownies, that will spook at the shadow of a swallow and flee from all but the most perfect cast. If you manage to find yourself beside the Meon then don’t expect a monster, or even many rises, but do prepare yourself to be engrossed and enthralled. You will see the fish, buttery yellow bellies and freshly painted spots, but catching them….well there’s the problem..

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