The Path by the Water

FullSizeRender-2There is an awful lot of tripe and waffle on the internet, but every now and again we stumble our way into a quiet, dignified little corner. Sadly, Fishpool will never know the joy of discovering Bits and Pieces for the first time, but he or she does have a special place or two to go.

One such site is The Path by the Water.  Named after A. R. B. Haldane’s account of his early days of trout fishing in the Ochil hills, this is a forum where it is good to be, well…..different.

There a few rules, and other than the need to display general decency to one another, almost anything can, and is, discussed. The occasional thread will tumble deep into a rabbit hole, or occasionally through the Looking Glass itself, but always it does so with good humour and respect.

For anyone curious to find out more, the site address is, though anyone hoping to enter the annual Grand Perch Celebration will have sadly missed the deadline. By the looks of things, this year’s competition is already shaping up to be pretty spectacular….

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