IMG_2861(Albula vulpes) The vast majority of prize saltwater fish grow to substantial size. Fish such as marlin, tarpon and tuna have the potential to grow as big as a man – and some many times the size. Catching such powerful fish is a war of attrition, with the stamina and fitness of the captor as vital as the rod and line.

In the shallow flats of the Bahamas and Florida swims a fish that bucks this trend. The bonefish (Albula vulpes) is supercharged. It can strip a reel in seconds and anglers travel from around the world to sample the explosive sport. Yet a 10 pound fish is a serious specimen.

Most fishing is done visually, with a fly outfit and plenty of backing. Stealth is the key with bonefish. They drift over the shallow flats on the flood tide and spook more easily than a child riding the Ghost Train.

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