Caption competition

The submission date for the Caption Competition has been extended to January 31st 2015, to overlap with the publication of Issue 2 of Fallon’s Angler. To enter the competition, you must first have purchased a copy of Fallon’s Angler Issue 1. When you purchase a copy, you get a unique order number. Please submit this […]

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The Angler’s Companion

By Bernard Venables George Allen & Unwin LTD, London 1958 Described as “The modern counterpart to Izaak Walton’s The Compleat Angler, this beautifully illustrated book from one of angling’s great fishermen and authors “combines in one volume the whole practice and delight of angling”. It was bought in a bookshop in Kinsale, Ireland, by my […]

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The river Ravensbourne at Ladywell fields

River Ravensbourne, London

The Ravensbourne rises in Keston, South East London, and flows for 11 miles through the boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich, before joining the Thames. It is a mixture of urban regeneration and urban control, with areas bound in concrete sitting next to others that are as wild as any river in the countryside. It […]

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The editor's first 20lb lake trout, with Jean-Pierre the gillie

My first 20lb laker

I had fished for a week, and caught a lot of fish, but none past the magical 20lb mark, which all around me had achieved. It was silly really, but I was growing frustrated, having travelled half-way around the world to catch a big lake trout. In desperation, I turned to my dead father, and […]

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Charlie's 32lb laker

32lb Athabaska “laker”

I was sharing a boat with a red-haired Irishman—granted that’s not in itself unusual—but what followed was unforgettable. We were trolling quickfish lures over a bay on Lake Athabaska, Canada, when the fish struck. For some reason, when I’ve been on a foreign fishing trip, the size of my catches has increased as the trip unfolded. […]

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Jeff Hatt

Born in Billericay, Jeff Hatt is an Essex boy and gifted magpie. Early tackle was secured through the generosity of relatives: Aunty Sandra’s Green Shield Stamps got his first rod, from Uncle Paul, a southpaw ‘300.’ Aunty Thelma provided more, and her husband Ron, likewise. Elder cousin Alan gave a season ticket to South Weald […]

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Nick Fallowfield-Cooper

In the summer of 1980, aged ten, Nick Fallowfield-Cooper was given some fishing tackle. He took the rod, reel and plastic box that contained various floats, weights and hooks to the local Sussex Ouse and started to unravel the mysteries of angling. In the early 1990s, Nick moved to London (where he still lives today) […]

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Peter Scott

Peter Scott is not a fisherman, though he wishes he could be, and sometimes thinks he might be. He is publisher of Apollo, the international art magazine, and a founding editor of online quarterly The Junket. He has written about things that have nothing to do with fishing for The Daily Telegraph and Literary Review […]

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Rob Forth

Rob Forth is a professional poker player. Born in London, he nevertheless grew up near the Welsh border, and lived  for a stretch in South Africa. When not playing poker he likes to check for the early onset of Alzheimer’s by participating in pub quizzes. When the sun shines he can be found cycling in […]

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Jon Day

Jon Day teaches English at King’s College London. He writes for the London Review of Books, n+1, The New Statesman, the Times Literary Supplement and Apollo magazine, and is a regular book reviewer for the Telegraph and the Financial Times. He is a contributing editor at The Junket. There is a river at the end […]

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Kevin Parr

Depending on the weather, Kevin Parr is an Idler, fisherman, writer, amateur naturalist and fungi forager—though by his own admission he excels in no particular field. He is the author of Rivers Run, The Idle Angler and black comedy The Twitch. Longtime angling correspondent to The Idler magazine and contributor to CountryFile and Caught by the […]

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Dominic Garnett

Dominic Garnett is a fishing author and guide with a taste for the unconventional. As a result, he survives mostly on berries, tinned food and super strength lager in a cave somewhere in Devon. His books include Crooked Lines, Tangle with Pike, Flyfishing for Coarse Fish and Canal Fishing: A Practical Guide. For more of his […]

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Chris Yates

Chris Yates is a photographer, tea connoisseur, nature lover and prolific writer, having published hundreds of articles and at least 13 books. He is the former British carp record holder with the capture of a 51lb specimen carp from the famous Redmire pool. He lives in a cottage in deepest Wiltshire where he indulges his […]

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The Diver, Kent

The Diver is a small farm pond, hidden deep in the apple orchards of Kent. It is a tiny, seemingly insignificant bowl of water, with a ring of lilies around its deep centre. It is also full of small carp, rudd and roach, and a great little water to afflict a young child with their […]

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River Deel, Ireland

The river Deel flows past the house in which I grew up. It derives its source from Lough Lene, Lough Bane and the Ben Loughs and then flows for 22 miles through Co. Westmeath and into the river Boyne in Co. Meath, at what was a childhood mecca known as “The Point”. The river spends most of its […]

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River Nevern, Wales

A picturesque town under the watchful gaze of a Norman castle, with a separate old port (Parog) that used to take lime and slate all around the world. The river Nevern leaves the land through these gates, but not before curling around a large inlet and under a rocky coastline on one side, with a beautiful beach […]

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