IMG_3498The recent Blue Moon (which fell on the final day of July) found Fishpool pondering the long argued topic of moon cycles and the effect that they have on fish and fishing.

There can be no doubt that the Moon affects our sea fish – after all they live in an environment that is dictated by tidal movement. But what of our freshwater fish?

There are plenty of anglers who have studied the various phases of the Moon and compared their catches to them. As a result, some will only fish at certain times of the lunar cycle.

Obviously such a thing cannot be wholly proved – unless an angler fished identically every day in the same spot, in identical weather and water conditions, with the same fish present for a decade or more. What is undeniable though, is the confidence with which people will fish at these optimum times.

If you have a bait you have faith in, and know it is in the right spot, then you will leave it be for far longer – therefore increasing your chances of catching. Similarly, if the phase of the Moon is favourable, then you will trust that the fish will respond accordingly.

As for Fishpool – well, I don’t ever fish beneath a full moon….not since I forgot to stay off the moors….

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