River Trent

IMG_3305The Mighty Trent – it is an apt moniker. The Trent is the UK’s third longest river and drains a vast area of central England. From its source at Biddulph Moor in Staffordshire, the river works its way north-east, picking up tributaries such as the Derbyshire Derwent, Dove, Idle, Mease and Soar, before emptying into the Humber Estuary.

As a fishery it pretty much has it all – and is regarded historically as one of the finest fishing rivers in Britain. Izaak Walton was most complimentary – One of the finest rivers in the world and the most abounding with excellent salmon and all sorts of delicate fish. Today the salmon, with a little help, are making a comeback and all the while the coarse anglers are plundering an extraordinary stock of fish. Huge barbel, chub, carp and pike have specimen hunters licking their lips, while the matchmen come for the dace, roach and bream.

The water of the Trent is truly special and fortunately Man discovered long ago that it makes rather good beer. There are some corking ales out there, Fishpool rather fancies a pint of Halcyon Daze……

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