The Traditional Fisherman’s Forum

IMG_3312Internet forums can be fractious places. Keyboard warriors hiding behind self given aliases (one of Fishpool’s particular gripes) – all bitching and moaning and throwing mud.

The angling world is as bad as any, save a couple of peaceful, well mannered sanctuaries. The Traditional Fisherman’s Forum is one such place.

Mark Sarul has bailiffed the forum for four years, ably assisted by J.T., Snape and The Sweetcorn Kid. Here is a place where sensible things are discussed – tea drinking, cake eating, float making and the occasional fishing trip. The members are like minded souls who, in this backstabbing world, actually respect one another. Any nonsense will be swiftly deal with but the beauty is that there isn’t any nonsense. Ever.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and there are plans to limit membership to 1000 should so many people sign up, but for some really pleasant conversation do have a look.

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