The shop on Holy Street: Fallon’s Angler issue 9


None of us are strangers to unforeseen delays. As it is with trains, planes and so forth, so it is with publishing a magazine. We do our very best to avoid them, but there are many ways a spanner can be thrown, and we were hit by quite a few. But sometimes, those delays can be worth it, like bumping into your future wife because you missed the last bus. And so it was with Fallon’s Angler issue 9, so many unforeseen delays, at times it seemed that fate—if there is such a thing—was conspiring against us. In all honesty, it was difficult to stay positive, to keep things on track when you begin to feel the world is picking on you. One thing after another crash, another bang, still another wallop. Surely the good luck and the bad will balance out over time? Surely the tide will turn? “Come on! What have I done to deserve this?” Then out of the blue, the Fallon’s Angler photographer and picture editor Nick Fallowfield-Cooper sent me a simple text that read: “You’ll never guess where I am…”

To find out more, buy issue 9 and read about when John Andrews’ discovered “The shop on Holy Street”


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